Nerdapalooza 2012 Survival Guide

Aaron here: Event Director of Nerdapalooza, overly conscientiousness personality-type, and crowned “Enemy of Fun” by Protofans at last year’s event and current reigning champion.
I always want to be ready for every situation I come across, and especially when I go to conventions or festivals. I’ve put together some basic things YOU need to know before coming to Nerdapalooza 2012 this year at The Beacham and The Social. Lets get to it!


  • Proper ID MUST be shown for entry (incl. performers). No ID, no entry, no exceptions
  • Absolutely NO Firearms or any Weapons allowed on premises (including performer security or bodyguards)
  • Absolutely NO Fire or Pyrotechnics allowed in building
  • Absolutely NO liquor can be brought into the building by promoters, performers, or patrons
  • No bags, including (but not limited to):
    • backpacks
    • messenger bags
    • duffle bags,
    • oversize ladies purses
  • Womens standard purses are acceptable, and are subject to inspection
  • Friday Night pre-party is 18+ or with parental guidance
  • All nights are 18+ after 12 midnight, due to city ordinance
  • Saturday Night EPIC WIN Burlesque is 18+ ONLY, no exceptions
  • Door security has final say on any rule

These rules are set by the venue and are non-negotiable. If you have any issues with complying to these, I recommend you contact Ticketfly about a refund. Again, these rules are not subject to discussion or negotiation. And I have to stress the ID situation. Nina and I were in line just the other night for the Best of Orlando party at The Beacham. The girls behind us didn’t have their IDs, and the door would not let them in. Didn’t matter that they had a ticket, ID is a must.


We WILL NOT be giving out replacement entry badges. We WILL NOT replace your badge just because you are on will-call purchase. There is no “secret Bubbleman” word this year. There is no excuse that you cannot remember to keep your badge on and safe.

So now that the rules have been laid down, lets get to the REAL survival details.
Personally, I like to prepare by making a map of all the things I would need to know at a glance. Oh, look, I did that for you. You’re welcome.

HOTEL! By now, you should have already gotten your hotel at The Crowne Plaza. If not, you snooze you lose, because it’s booked up and is the party hotel that many of the performers (including headliners) are staying at. If you look around, there are probably still rooms in other hotels. BUT I WARN YOU!!!!! If you book a room for anything around $50, remember you get what you pay for… so prep a tetanus shot and some antibiotics, and lock all 4 deadbolts on the door. I live here, I know these things.

FOOD! Oh man, anyone who’s been to previous Nerdapaloozas knows that lunches and dinners were a bit difficult (for many differing reasons). Now, you’re in the heart of downtown, and there are more restaurants than you can shake a master sword at, and all within smelling distance. Food will not be a problem, choosing will be.

PARKING! Where can you park your car? Well, if you stayed at The Crowne Plaza, you could just be parking there for $3 self parking (or $8 valet, ooh la la) and take the FREE SHUTTLE into downtown (no return shuttle, though. Boo.) But, if you aren’t staying there, there are many parking lots around that charge $5-$15 to park, and the city public garages have addresses that you out-of-towners can go to and not drive aimlessly around downtown.

TRANSPORTATION! We do not provide a shuttle. S However, The Crowne Plaza does have a shuttle into the downtown area, provided you are staying at the hotel. The other option is Lynx. Its only about $2 a ride, and say what you will about public transportation, but its there and it is accessible. Think you’re too good for it, then walk. Me, I’m bringing my bike!

CASH! Cash is king, and ask any person from years past, cash gets you through faster. Be it at the door (Y U NO BUY PRESALE?!?), at the merch booth, the bar, or the art gallery. Bring some greenbacks with you. We will have a credit/debit machine, but cash is so much easier. And for you drinkers, you better be tipping, especially you VIP’s with your fancy-schamcy 5pm-10pm open bar in the balcony.

@Nerdapalooza is the year-round, updated by hex, twitter account.
@NerdaSchedule is the event schedule feed. Add this feed, and we’ll alert you when the next act is going on stage. That simple!

RULE 621 (DAILY QUEST – 1,000 XP)

  • 6 hours of sleep
    • Although the main event days end at 10pm, there are after events at The Social  until 2:30am. Therefore, get to sleep at 3-4am, sleep until 10-11am, and come back to Nerdapalooza at 12 noon when doors open. 6 HOURS, NO EXCUSE, COFFEE IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR SLEEP
  • 2 square meals
    • Food selections are amazing this year, and candy bars, chips, and liquor are not meals. Your mother and I are ashamed of you.
  • 1 shower
    • Every year we try to get a deodorant sponsor, because you smell bad. Tyler Durden invented soap, use it. There is no reason not to besides you are lazy. Do you wanna be the lazy, smelly con guy? That’s what I thought.

This all seems like common sense but once you get swept up in the Nerdapalooza mania YOUR BASIC SURVIVAL INSTINCTS DISAPPEAR so actively remember 621.
Credit to this tumblr: Pandamom Loves You

This should be a sufficient amount for you to prepare for the Nerdacolypse. We’re just around the corner from August 3rd, and then I want you all to get off my lawn the following Monday.


  • No weapons, no bags, no fireworks, no outside beverages.
  • No ID, no entry. No badge, no entry. No exceptions.
  • The Beacham – 46 N. Orange Ave. 32801
  • Parking, plan ahead.
  • Bring cash.
  • Sleep 6 hours each night
  • Eat 2 meals each day
  • Take 1 shower each morning
  • It’s dangerous to go alone, take this map!


Now, don’t forget to tune in tonight to Nerdy Show Live! Nina, hex, and I will be fielding any and all questions you have going into Nerdapalooza! The Nerdy Show guys have been kind enough to set us up for this, so come take advantage of it by asking any srs bsnz questions, or inane questions. I like inane questions, so call me and ask why the sky is blue. I’ll come up with something. But really, ask us something about Nerdapalooza, since that is why we’re doing it.
You can tune in at this dang ‘ole linky link. Come call us and talk to us.
I like people… Really, I do…. don’t you believe me?

See you in 2 weeks!